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Saturday, 27 February 2010 00:00

In February 2010, the project partners met at the third and last workshop of the project, which took place in Florence, Italy. On the first day, the teams presented their preliminary findings of the working paper 3 that focuses on the interviews and focus group analysis. All the teams conducted more than 16 interviews, which was our set goal. Our experiences with the fieldwork were mostly positive. The teams came to interesting conclusions both from interviews and focus groups, but especially the focus group debates allowed for some interesting results. This format hence proved very appropriate for our research, since it gives additional value to the project and, most importantly, it offers the space for the migrants to share their experiences, opinions and suggestions for change. The project partner teams reported various experiences with setting up and conducting the focus groups and the dynamics of the focus group participants was different from country to country. The relations among the participants ranged from showing strong group solidarity and understanding of each others’ situation to having strong personalities in the group, who usually initiated the discussion and encouraged the rest of the participants to open up. In general, the experiences were very positive and many different opinions, useful for our research and the articulation of policy recommendations, were shared by the focus group participant migrants.

 The final comparative report was also discussed in the workshop. The comparative report will comprise the findings of all the working papers from all the countries and it will thus draw together important recommendations and conclusions for policy changes. The coordinating team, who is responsible for writing the final report, presented the proposed structure of the final report, which was discussed with all the teams, who will comment on the report and thus ensure the cross-country comparative value of it.

An important component of the workshop was also the project management meeting, where we agreed upon many key issues. Among other, we set the final deadlines for the reports, which is especially important now that the project is near the end. We discussed the status of the PRIMTS internet page and agreed that it is crucial that the web page is regularly updated and accessible also after the end of the project. We also made future plans and mutually agreed to publish books and articles as further outputs of the project, devoting ample time to discussing the dissemination of the project’s results. Moreover, an international academic conference will take place in Slovenia in autumn 2011. As a result of our ambitious plans and activities for the dissemination of the project results, it is necessary to work in parallel both on finalising the working papers as well as producing chapters for our first joint book that is to be published by the University of Nicosia.

The project workshop in Florence also allowed an opportunity to further discuss our plans for local seminars, which are also an important part of the project. They will be executed in the following weeks in all the partner countries, except in Italy, which already conducted their local seminar after the project workshop. Further details on local seminars and other events will also be available online.