Progress update – December 2009 Print
Saturday, 12 December 2009 11:13
We are in the last phase of conducting the interviews with “third country nationals” and have also already organised one focus group, where the debate revolved around the issue of migrant integration, work conditions, relations with employers, etc. The participants offered their suggestions for effective policy change and thus pointed to the most pressing issues in relation to the labour market access. The other focus groups will be conducted in January 2010. The project partners are ready to start writing the third working paper that will focus on interviews and focus groups analysis. In the meantime, the total number of interviews is at least 16 per country; each interview has been carefully transcribed verbatim and then analysed according to the agreed methodology, drawing also on detailed field work diaries. At the same time, the partners have begun working on the second project brief, which will focus on the topic of current challenges to migrant integration, with a specific topical focus on xenophobia and racism.