Update on research progress May 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 May 2009 12:00

We are now in our sixth month of the project where we are parallelly working on issues connected to two working papers. For our second working paper we are mapping and evaluating migration and integration policies that have deep and significant impact on "third country nationals" lives and work. We are scrutinizing EU-level as well as national policy provisions connected especially to access to labour markets. However we are not neglecting also the provisions in other areas such as citizenship, education, family-reunification, health and social security as they are also importantly influencing on the "third country nationals" positions in the host countries. We are contacting the policy makers and other stakeholders relevant for this part of the research in different countries as well as reviewing existing legislations.

At the same time we are also setting the grounds for our fieldwork phase, which will be the most time consuming as it stretches well into 2010. Therefore thorough preparations are at utmost importance. Each partner organization made their own samples for interviews, which reflects the situation in their countries, described in the first working papers. To assure complete anonymity and confidentially to our interviewees certain ethical standards have been set and will be binding for everybody involved in this stage of the research.

As we are all aware of potential difficulties we could come across trying to find (suitable) interview partners we started this phase early in the process in order to avoid this possible obstacle. In Slovenia concretely, we already made first contacts with potential interviewees in April and pilot interview and detailed analysis have been made after making acquaintances with suitable interview partner. Having in mind the importance of exhaustive and accurate transcriptions and analysis for the final results and aims of our project, we will devote the most time in to the fieldwork process. At the end country reports encompassing interviews and focus group debates analysis will contribute towards recommendations for policy changes and improvement in the field of migration, employment and work of "third country nationals" and their integration in each partner country.